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Pricing List


Prices depend on the density and length of hair

  • Women’s Hair Cut

    $65 +Up
  • Hair Cut with Style (Blow Dry)

  • Women’s Hair Blow Dry

    $45 +Up
  • Bangs Hair Cut

Men Cut
  • Bangs Trim

  • Men’s Cut

  • Beard Trim

  • Men’s Color


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  • Highlights Full Head

    This a highlighting technique that has highlights in every section of your head from the nape of your neck to the hairline in your fringe. This service includes a color gloss if needed. Your hair is left stronger and not fragile. This will make your hair bright and vibrant blonde look, especially if this is your first time doing full head highlights.
  • Highlights Half Head

    Is a highlighting technique which has highlights placed on the two front panels of the head and the top of the head. This technique does not include highlights on the nape of the head. This service includes a color gloss if needed.
  • Single Process Coloring

    $150 +up
    A new single hair color applied to your hair to provide a new base color. this can be anything from an all-over permanent hair color to a hair gloss that doesn’t require toning.
  • Double Process Coloring

    $300 +up
    This two-step color change process is intended for those clients who are interested in transitioning from dark color to a lighter color. This whole process takes up to 4 hours.
  • Root Touch up

    A single process refers to any color service that is done in one step. It can also be referred to as a base color or a “root touch-up.” This is generally a permanent color that is applied to the roots. A Single Process Root Touch-Up can cover up your grays, blend your grays for a more natural look, or create more richness, changes tone, and add shine.
  • Color Correction

    If you have color on your hair already and want a significant change you may fit into this service. we will probably ask you to send us a photo of your current hair and your hair goals to let you know what’s possible to achieve. usually takes multiple appointments to reach an ideal color.
  • Gloss

    Gloss application is intended to either brighten up highlights or tone them down, as well as to refresh and add luster and shine to your natural hair color. It's a temporary fix that can improve both the health of your hair and its shade.
  • Glaze

    A glaze adds shine to the hair and deposits semi-permanent color to boost your existing color or bump up to your highlights. This works on natural, or color treated hair, semi-permanent results, and this is intended to enhance and deepen your current hair color.
  • Balayage

    $180 – $250
    Our professionals provide a freehand European coloring technique called air touch balayage that will make your hair look beautiful, light and airy.

Prices depend on the density and length of hair

  • Hair Botox

    A Hair Botox treatment has a way of transforming dull and weak hair into smoother strands. It is unlike standard straightening products as it is 100% formaldehyde free and is a deep conditioning treatment. It will reconstruct your hair so that it is no longer frizzy. What’s unique about hair Botox is that there are organic microspheres that penetrate the hair, delivering antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins to the hair follicles.
  • K Water

    K Water, the new breakthrough service from Kerastase is the easiest way to achieve great results with no extra time spent. K Water activates instantly upon contact with water to smooth out the hair fiber by creating a flawless, glassy surface. It gives a stunning, weightless, hydrated, and smoother hair.
  • Olaplex Treatment

    No 1 & 2, is an awesome way of cross linking the disulphide bonds in your hair that have broken down due to straightening, bleaching, colouring etc. This helps the hair internally to seek out and repair the hair internally by improving the hair strength.
  • Scalp Treatment

    $30 - $50
    Normalizes the scalp and restores a healthy balance for all 5 common scalp issues like itchiness, dandruff, dryness, oiliness, and odor: excess fatty acids on the scalp. Head spa combines scalp detox, a soothing head massage, and scalp & hair conditioning to preserve the true beauty of hair, promoting a clean scalp free of buildup, while also relaxing the mind and stimulating the senses.
  • Keratin Treatment

    $250- $500
  • Hair Mask

    After wash, hair mask helps maintain color, moisturize, repair damage, darken grey hair, and add shine. This process takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Hair Lamination

    $80 - $130
    Hair lamination is an intense treatment that will make your hair smooth, sleek, and highly shiny. Unlike the popular blow-dry, hair lamination only lasts a couple of weeks. Hair lamination is a great treatment for anyone looking to fix broken hair, rescuing split ends, and increasing volume & shine.